About Us

All diets are catered for. We try and provide your dog with what ever diet you would be feeding at home. We have a menu board with every dog entered on it with what is to be feed am and pm plus any special care, medications or needs for each dog.

We feed breakfast and dinner and can give lunch time meals or snacks if required. We include all food in our charges except Prescription Veterinary diet foods which we need owners to supply. You are also welcome to supply any other dietary foods that you would like your dog to have. We have several guests that have an apple a day or treats at bedtime!

We offer personal individual care for a small number of dogs. This means they get lots of attention and we have time to do the extra stuff that we think is so important. All dogs are provided with a bed and warm bedding. But if you would like to bring anything special or something your dog is use to from home you are very welcome. One of my dogs goes everywhere with his teddies, wears a doggy coat to bed every night and likes to be covered up with a polo fleece blanket so nothing will surprise us here!

Spacious heated indoor sleeping units and large individual outdoor exercise areas. Our whole building is heated in winter and on the colder nights that spring up. We have under floor heating in our small dog units and this heats the whole room and wall heating in our large dog bedroom areas. All our dog bedrooms are big enough for two large dogs and we also have 3 family units that can comfortably take 3 to 4 large dogs. This means that family dogs are happy as they can all sleep together.

We also have music playing 24 hours a day so our guests aren't disturbed if they here outside noises or other dogs and this helps them to sleep more comfortably.

A typical day for our guests...