A typical day for our guests

All the dogs are let out into the large grass areas by 7.45am each morning. We have completely separate areas for our small and large doggy guests. They then do their thing and play while we clean all their rooms and get their breakfast ready.

Approx 8.45am to 9am they are let back in to their rooms for breakfast and after a half hours rest they are let back out to play till 12 o'clock. We go to lots of effort to make sure we match up dogs that are happy with each other and will have fun playing while outside together. But they can also have a whole outside area to themselves if required. We also have lots of contact with them as we are in and out of all their rooms cleaning and spend a good deal of time outside playing ball and tug of toy with them. They also take turns going from mid morning walks around the property.

At 12 o'clock they are back in their rooms for a rest and can sit inside in their beds or our large dog units all have a spacious external covered patio area that they can relax in the sun till 3pm.

From 3 to 4pm they are out again running around and playing with us. 4pm they come back in for dinner and after half an hour are let back outside to play till 6pm. During this time we remake their beds, bring in their water and sweep their rooms.

Around 6 pm (later in summer) we shut up their bedroom doors so they are nice and warm during the night and put them to bed. We have no problem with barking as by the end of the day they are all very happy to go to bed, each dog knowing exactly which room is theirs and happy to return to it. We also live on site so are never far away.

We look forward to meeting you and your much loved family member