Each dog will be charged for the day they arrive, but will not be charged for the day they are collected if they are picked up by 10am. If there are two dogs in a unit from the same family there will be a $14 per day discount per unit. If you have three or more dogs please contact us for a price.

Normal prices apply for the first 21 days, then a 20% discount per day applies for every day there after. All our prices include GST.

A Public Holiday surcharge of $7.00 per unit will be charged on each public holiday.

Terms and Conditions

All dogs must be fully vaccinated. We will not accept dogs for boarding unless a certificate is presented on arrival or previously verified. If any guest requires veterinary care - all relative costs will be met by the dog owner.

All charges are based on a per day basis and are to be paid when collecting your pet. If the dog is picked up prior to 10.00am on the due departure date, no charge is made for boarding on that day. In long term situations we may request that payment be made monthly or by 50% deposit on delivering your dog: balance to be paid on collection.

We consider our facilities and management practices to be of the highest standards, therefore the very best of professional care and expertise will be given to your pet.

Medication & Health Care

We are very happy to administer guest’s medication as and when required. We can also monitor recovery from injury or surgery. If guests require medical attention then we will endeavour to go to their own veterinary practice but if we are unable to do this then we will use our local veterinary practice.

In order to safeguard all our guests’ health we insist that every dog brought in to the resort has been vaccinated against hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough.

Please make sure you bring your vaccination certificate with you for us to enter on your file and check that an annual kennel cough vaccine has been given. If a booster kennel cough vaccine is due make sure this is given at least 5 days before arrival.